An app for our system

The AKWA app is designed to give users notifications and the status of each of the zones and probes located in your kitchen, toilet, diswasher, water tank and washing machine. The App is available 24 / 7 / 365 and it will inform you if the system is in alert or surveillance mode.

Each time an alert is sounded, you will receive a SMS message to infor you that something happened and your main water valve has been safely shut off.

1. Master Controller

This unit controls all of the water leak prevention and detection system components, including probes, movement detector and the main water valve.

2. Electric Water Valve

The main water valve is closed when a leak is detected, or when AKWA is in prevention mode. The AKWA valve opens and closes quickly by means of an automated electric actuator. It is durable and its brass body is designed especially for drinking water.

3. Water probe

The probe is designed to detect water leaks and to send a signal to the controller notifying the precise location of a puddle. The probe is discreet and can easily fit under a sink, toilet or water heater.

4. Movement detector

In the event of a human presence, the water valve remains open. Beyond a 12 hour period, an alarm is sent to the controller and the valve is automatically closed to avoid potential leaks.

5. Peripheral cables

These cables are installed in areas where it is difficult to install a water probe. This cable detects water droplets and can be installed around water heaters, dishwashers or inside any wall.

6. Power Pack

In the event a power failure, this battery will keep managing the risks associated with water leaks, while still using the water supply for your daily activities.