AKWA Technologies launches in Vancouver

AKWA Technologies launches in Vancouver

AKWA Technologies launches in Vancouver 2560 1591 AKWA Technologies - Water Leak Prevention and Detection


AKWA Technologies (www.AKWAtek.com) signed an agreement with H2O Leak Detection Systems, a Canadian company whose head office is located in Vancouver, B.C.

The H2O Leak Detection Systems (www.h2oleakdetect.com) specializes in problems related to indoor water leaks. After having analyzed all the existing products on the market concerning the prevention and detection of water leaks, H2O Leak Detection Systems selected the AKWA Technologies “Water Alarm” system for sale and installation across the entire province of British Columbia.  They will be assisted by certified plumbing contractors, a necessary part of the installation of the system.

After having successfully built and operated two businesses in the printing and construction industries, Gerry Heinz, President of H2O Leak Detection Systems, came out of early retirement when he discovered the AKWA Technologies flexible and customizable “Water Alarm” system.  “Having been a homeowner in downtown Vancouver condominiums for over 20 years, I am well aware of insurance claims resulting from unexpected water damage”, Heinz says.  “I am also aware of the crisis Strata corporations are currently finding themselves in with regards to the sky-rocketing costs of premiums and deductible limits.  To me, it is obvious that AKWA Technologies has found the cost-effective, efficient means to bring water damage incidents to an end, which in turn can have a significant savings impact on insurance rates.  I look forward to working with the appropriate stakeholders to help eliminate water damage, thereby assisting them to get insurance expenses under control.”


AKWA Technologies, a brand of AKWA Technologies Solutions inc. (www.AKWAtek.com) is a leader in Water Alarm systems!  Our mission is to prevent property damage caused by water leaks through a smart, reliable alarm system that can be adapted to different building configurations.  With our centralized management dashboard, AKWA Concierge, this solution is ideal for multi-residential, condominium or commercial properties of all sizes.

AKWA Technologies is recognized by leading insurance companies such as Desjardins and since 2018 has been sold in Quebec by market leader HydroSolution.  In 2020 the company expanded with new resellers in Canada and in the U.S.  We are committed to on-going market development for this technology with new partners in North America and other countries based on the system’s highly customizable features and flexibility to meet the needs of different markets.


AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

Valérie Mélignon • Executive Director, Strategic Alliances • 941.726.7806 • valerie@AKWAtek.com 

H2O Leak Detection Systems

Gerry Heinz • President • 604.283.1003 • gerry@h2oleakdetect.com

Our locations

Canada – Quebec (HQ)
T: 1.514.592.3201

IMPORTANT: If you are a client of our HydroSolution partner, please call them directly at: 1 877 353-0077 for any questions or alarm events.

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AKWA Technologies has very attractive reseller and business-partner programs as key parts of its go-to-market strategy. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these programs.

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