AKWA, the Water Alarm system

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For water leak prevention & detection

A real solution to prevent

& detect water leaks


AKWA Technologies is the Water Alarm system for water leak prevention and detection. The only solution that shuts off your water valve BEFORE any water damage. A true preventive solution! If a leak occurs the sensors send a signal to the Water Alarm controller, the Master valve will close and you will be notified.


AKWA is designed to PREVENT and DETECT water leaks. With an automatic shut-off valve and various types of sensors, the system is 100% reliable. This stand-alone solution is secure, scalable and customizable. We offer a “Prevention system” or a “Complete system”, for the residential, multi-residential and the commercial market.

AKWA Concierge is a Web App which manage at distance the whole AKWA Water Alarm system of a property


When a water puddle is detected, you hear a leak alert and the Master valve close immediately. You will then receive an email or/and a text message notification, indicating the zone status (example: kitchen, toilet, sink, dishwasher, water tank, washing machine etc.). Notifications are available 24 / 7 / 365.

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Canadian Institute of Actuaries


American Insurance Association


AllState Canada


AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.


AKWA Technologies, a member of PREVCAN, works in close collaboration with major insurance companies, including:

Our mission

Protect your assets from water damages caused by water leaks

AKWA products and components meet strict industry regulations and certifications, such as NSF, FCC, IC and CE

The AKWA Water Alarm controller is the main component of the AKWA Technologies system

Water Alarm controller

The AKWA Master valve is an automatic shut-off valve which can be installed Indoor or Outdoor

Master valve

The AKWA Wireless leak sensor will send a signal to the Water alarm controller to locate water leaks

Wireless leak sensor

The AKWA Vacancy sensor, a movement detector, will prevent water damage during a period of absence

Vacancy sensor

The AKWA Perimeter cable Is typically installed in hard to reach places, for water leak detection

Perimeter cable

Battery backup in case of a power failure. The system will remain fully functional up to 6 hours

Rechargeable battery

Our locations

Canada – Quebec (HQ)
T: 1.514.592.3201

IMPORTANT: If you are a client of our HydroSolution partner, please call them directly at: 1 877 353-0077 for any questions or alarm events.

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AKWA Technologies has very attractive reseller and business-partner programs as key parts of its go-to-market strategy. Contact us if you would like to learn more about these programs.

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