AKWA Technologies Partners with Smart Water Protection

AKWA Technologies Partners with Smart Water Protection

AKWA Technologies Partners with Smart Water Protection 1040 790 AKWA Technologies - Water Leak Prevention and Detection


AKWA Technologies (www.AKWAtek.com) signed a partnership agreement with Smart Water Protection, based in Sarasota.

Smart Water Protection (www.smartwaterprotection.com) is first in the US market with the AKWA Technologies Water Alarm system and will focus on the condominium and multi-residential building markets in Florida.  Owners Dennis McSweeney and his partner have a strong background in commercial risk management and years of experience in the water restoration / remediation industries.

The system, designed to prevent and detect water leaks, offers industry-leading features such as automatic shut-off valve, multi-type sensors and a unique dashboard to manage multiple properties.

McSweeney said: “Loss trends show non-weather-related water damage is the fastest growing exposure both in frequency and severity, according to the insurance industry.  Stopping water flow immediately is the key to limiting the cost of the damage. Insurance companies may soon start requiring such systems in high-rise buildings.”  He added: “The challenge in the market is to get the attention of property managers and condominium / building owners to the risks of water damage before disasters strike.  AKWA Technologies brings a state-of-the-art, IoT solution that every condominium association should be considering.”


AKWA Technologies, a brand of AKWA Technologies Solutions inc. (www.AKWAtek.com) is a leader in Water Alarm systems!  Our mission is to prevent property damage caused by water leaks through a smart, reliable alarm system that can be adapted to different building configurations. With our centralized management dashboard, AKWA Concierge, this solution is ideal for multi-residential, condominium or commercial properties of all sizes.

Our company is committed to on-going market development for this technology with new partners in North America and other countries based on the system’s highly customizable features and flexibility to meet the needs of different markets.


AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

Valérie Mélignon • Executive Director, Strategic Alliances • 941.726.7806 • valerie@AKWAtek.com 

Smart Water Protection

Dennis McSweeney • President • 941.350.1227 • dmcsweeney.swp@gmail.com

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IMPORTANT: If you are a client of our HydroSolution partner, please call them directly at: 1 877 353-0077 for any questions or alarm events.

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