AKWA Technologies WELCOMES AQUA SENSORES as a new Partner in Guatemala

AKWA Technologies WELCOMES AQUA SENSORES as a new Partner in Guatemala

AKWA Technologies WELCOMES AQUA SENSORES as a new Partner in Guatemala 2560 2382 AKWA Technologies - Water Leak Prevention and Detection

Aqua Sensores (www.aquasensores.com) is a pioneer in the Guatemalan market with AKWA Technologies’ Water Alarm system.  The company will target existing apartment buildings, offices, residences, and new construction projects in Guatemala.  Owners James Wilson and his partner Vinicio Rivas have a strong background in supplying and installing vinyl and engineered wood floors.  They have firsthand experience with extensive damage caused by leaks, which can ruin newly installed floors, drywall, paint, furniture, and electrical wiring even before the project’s completion.

The system, designed to prevent and detect water leaks, offers cutting edge features like an automatic shut-off valve, versatile mutli-type sensors, LoRa Technology integration, advanced fasle alarm detection, and an exclusive dashboard tailored for efficient management accross multiple properties.

Mr. Wilson said: “Recently, while speaking with a risk insurance expert in Guatemala, he commented that “the most recurring claims for damages to his clients’ properties are due to water leak damages, which often extend up to two levels below the incident.  Stopping the flow of water immediately is the key to limiting the cost of damage.  Insurance companies may soon begin to require or suggest such systems in both new and old buildings.”  He added: “The challenge in Guatemala is to capture the attention of developers, building managers, and individual apartment owners about the risks of water damage before disasters occur.  AKWA Technologies brings a state-of-the-art IoT solution that every condominium association should consider.”



AKWA Technologies, a brand of AKWA Technologies Solutions inc. (www.AKWAtek.com) proudly manufactures its Water Alarm systems in Canada, establishing itself as an industry leader.  Our core mission is to address water leak concerns in properties by offering a smart and reliable alarm system adaptable to various building and house configurations.  Featuring the AKWA Concierge centralized management dashboard, our system is perfectly suited for multi-residential, condominium or commercial properties of any scale.

As a company affiliated with PREVCAN (www.prevcan.org) and endorsed by prominent insurances groups, we are dedicated to on-going market development for this technology.  We continually seek new partnerships in North America and beyond, leveraging the system’s exceptional customizability and adaptability to cater to diverse market demands.


AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

Pierre-André Paulin • VP Business Development • 514.241.9769, Ext. 1005 • ppaulin@AKWAtek.com

Aqua Sensores

James Wilson • Owner • 502.3015.9075 • ventas@aquasensores.com

Vinicio Rivas • Owner • 502.3521.8220 • info@aquasensores.com

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IMPORTANT: If you are a client of our HydroSolution partner, please call them directly at: 1 877 353-0077 for any questions or alarm events.

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