A Water Alarm system for leak prevention & detection

AKWA Technologies is proven, tested and certified, meeting the industry’s highest safety standards:

AKWA major components:

The Water Alarm controller

  • The Water Alarm controller is smart, proactive and preventive. The controller (with either Wi-Fi or LoRa) is the main component of AKWA. It can:

    • Manage and program up to 99 zones per units.
    • Communicate with bidirectional communication, using radio frequency 433 MHZ.
    • Validate the status of the alarm (false or real).
    • Validate the status of the Master valve.
    • Validate if the Wireless leak sensors are present and active.
    • Validate the battery levels.
    • Spot invisible leaks thanks to a ‘Flow sensor’ feature.
    • Connect with an alarm system panel.
    • Send a notification by text message or email via our AKWA Concierge.

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The Master valve

  • The AKWA ball valve is the most efficient on the market and can be installed Indoor or Outdoor:

    • The Master valve is connected to the Water Alarm controller for an optimal reactive response.
    • Automatic self-test with movement of the valve avoiding calcium deposits and ensuring its functioning.
    • A Quick connect mechanism for an easy installation or removal.
    • It incorporates functions for a Flow sensor that will measure the flow of the water.
    • An integrated thermometric sensor will help to avoid freezing pipes by sending an alarm as soon as the temperature falls at low levels (example: 5 °C or 41 °F).

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The Wireless leak sensor

  • A high performing sensor with a discreet design:

    • The Wireless leak sensor is designed to detect water puddles with an unequaled precision.
    • First sensor on the market with a ‘Smart Alarm algorithm’. function. This feature helps detect if a leak is real or not. In the event of a false alarm (example: a humid mop touches the sensor), the Master valve will stay open.
    • The sensor will send a signal to the Water Alarm controller thanks to bidirectional communication, using radio frequency (433 MHZ).
    • Wireless signal up to 600 feet.

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AKWA Flow sensor

The Flow sensor

  • Is mainly used to identify water drips / leaks inside walls or monitor outdoor wastage caused by leaking hoses or pipes:

    • Flow sensors are designed to calculate the rate of the flow. They are the meter of choice for water distribution systems.
    • It will help to identify if there is a leak or a drip within a plumbing system. In the event of a leak or an unusual event, a signal is sent to the AKWA Master valve and the system is automatically shut down at a preset time.
    • Made of high-quality stainless-steel material, environmentally friendly, sturdy, durable and easy to install.

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The Vacancy sensor

  • A movement detector to prevent water damage during a period of absence in the property:

    • Most leaks occur when the occupants leave their home or office. The best protection will always be to shut off the water when you leave.
    • With a Vacancy sensor, the Master valve will close after a programmed set-up time of inactivity. The valve will be closed BEFORE any potential leaks .
    • The detector can be mounted in a corner, ceiling or stand by itself (600 feet range).
    • AKWA is the first preventive solution on the marketplace offering this option!

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The AKWA perimeter cable

The Perimeter cable

  • Is typically installed in hard to reach places:

    • In residential or commercial building, it can be difficult to insert a Wireless leak sensor in certain locations. This cable is a great alternative to cover risk areas that are difficult to reach.
    • Typically the Perimeter cable is installed under a dishwasher, behind a fridge, around a water heater, inside a wall or in the roof.
    • Each cable can be interconnect in order to increase the range of protection.
    • It is connected to a Wireless double leak sensor which will send a signal to the Water Alarm controller, in case of a leak.

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The Detection ruler

  • The technology for this Detection ruler is a thin circuit board, 20“long by 1“wide. This ruler is made of slightly flexible materials and is corrosion and abrasion resistant.

    As soon as the Detection ruler is in contact with the water, a signal is immediately sent to the Wireless leak sensor, which in turn sends a signal to the Water Alarm controller to close the Master valve. The two surfaces of the ruler can capture water, over its entire length, even for slight contact.

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The AKWA* Water Alarm system is proven, tested and certified, meeting the industry’s highest safety standards:

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