The No.1 Water Alarm system in North America is launching in Florida

The No.1 Water Alarm system in North America is launching in Florida

The No.1 Water Alarm system in North America is launching in Florida 1224 691 AKWA Technologies - Water Leak Prevention and Detection

AKWA ( is the No.1 Water Alarm system in North America, and a new product category in the water leak prevention and detection market segment. AKWA Technologies is now launching in Florida, with its 1st installation located in Sarasota, FL.

With AKWA, the main water valve is shut BEFORE any water leak occurs. AKWA offers several unique features:

  • Water Alarm controller: validates in real time if leak sensors are present (not missing or stolen) and functional. For a Water Alarm system to be reliable and secure 24/7, such a feature is essential.
  • Vacancy sensors and/or a remote control to prevent water damages allowing closing of the main valve BEFORE a water leak occurs, perfect when you are not home. Water leak sensors can be added for optimal protection.
  • “Smart Alarm” algorithm: detect and avoid false alarms (ex. humid mops touching a leak sensor).

This essential feature was designed for building managers that frequently deal with false alarms.

  • Automatic weekly self-checks: eliminate calcification and deposits at the main valve
  • Outdoor motorized valve with IP 67 rating (protection against water submersion, 30 minutes in 3’ of water)
  • Connectivity to fire and security alarm systems
  • Rechargeable battery (12h) to allow the use of water and manage risks during power failures

Valerie Mélignon, Executive Director, USA Strategic Alliances commented: “…AKWA is the only Water Alarm system to offer both prevention and detection. AKWA is at the forefront of technology innovation and with AKWA Concierge (soon to be launched) we will empower building managers with a revolutionary platform to facilitate real time management of water leaks across their real estate portfolio…”

AKWA’s first installation was completed in Sarasota, Florida by Rieth Plumbing LLC. Zachary Rieth, President of Rieth Plumbing added “…AKWA works like no other solution we have ever installed. I am excited to install more of these systems in the near future for our customers…”


AKWA ( is the 1st Water Alarm system on the marketplace. To this date, AKWA has been installed in Eastern Canada, and its market focus is primarily on being the top performing and innovative solution that prevents water leak damages.  AKWA can be installed in cold or hot weather (indoors or outdoors), and is ideal for residential and commercial properties.

AKWA is recognized by leading insurance companies such as Desjardins (, and it is sold and installed by market leaders such as HydroSolution (, the largest integrator in Eastern Canada for hot water tanks with more than 600 000 customers.


Valérie Mélignon

Executive Director, USA Strategic Alliances


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IMPORTANT: If you are a client of our HydroSolution partner, please call them directly at: 1 877 353-0077 for any questions or alarm events.

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